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Choosing A Rehab Facility

You have admitted that you are an alcoholic and that you need to take FAST action…


The nextstep is to consider attending a local meetingof Alcoholics Anonymous (AA). You can find a meeting in your area by visiting their web site at AA holds meetings every day of the week and you can even attend a AA meeting while on vacation or out of town. It is a great FREE program with a proven track record.


Unfortunately, AA’s program may not be right for you.Attending a weekly meeting maynot provide insufficient support. Also, AA meetings are open to the general public which would not work well for individuals who are not ready to openly reveal their addiction problem and talk about theirexperiences to a group of relative strangers. If this is the case, your next course of action is to register atan alcohol rehab facility.

Here are the3 important steps towardsfinding an alcohol rehab center thatis right for you:

1. Analyzeyour needs

The first step is to reflect upon what sort of treatment center would be best for you. You should beginby talking to your friends and family and your doctor.Treatment centers can be gender or age specific. They may cater to specific religious groups. There can be vast differences regarding treatment and healing philosophies. You must consider whether or not you wish to be with people similar to yourself, or, if you would benefit from interacting with people from different backgrounds. Once you have abasic idea of the type of atmosphere that is best for youand the services you will need, you have completed half of the work.

2. Reviewyour budget and payment options

Whenchoosing an alcohol rehab facility, there are many options available in every price range. You should first check to see ifyour workplaceis offering a substance abuse program.Next, you should contact your health insurance provider. Another option is to verify if there is a possibility of taking advantage of a state-funded rehabprogram. You may be able toreceive treatment based on a sliding scale according to your financial means. There are, however,waiting times for these programs but it may be worth your while because your rehabilitation process will not work well if you are worried about its costs.

3. Begin your research process
Using an internet search engine willlikely produceresultswhich steer your attention towards specific rehab centers.There will also be articles claiming to providean unbiased review of rehab centres. It is best to avoid this type of advertising at the beginningof your search process.

Here are someonline resourceswhich provideinformation regarding alcoholaddiction itself, choosing a rehab facility, and, a wealth of other information.

1. The National Alcoholism and Substance Abuse Information Center (NASAIC). NASAIC websitecontains an extensive database of drug and alcohol treatment centers in the United States and abroad. The database contains information on facilitiesranging from affordable to luxury. In addition togreat web resources, NASAICoffers a free information hotline staffed with people who fully understand addiction issues. Some employeesare recovering addicts themselves.

2. Another great online source for alcohol rehab information can be found at This free, non-profit resource provides up to date information on a wide variety of substance abuse and mental health issues. This site has an informative section on alcohol abuse, choosing a rehab facility,and, can help you fully understand the types of rehab options available.

3. This site provides links for local drug and alcohol resources in each state. It also provides information on a wide varietyaddiction issues.
Once you have narrowed your search, make sure verify the facility’s credentials and accreditations before signing a contract. And, lastly make sure they have a sound follow-up program to ensurethat support will continueafter your stay. The road to recovery is longand difficult, but there are many people and resources who can help you achieve your goal of long term sobriety.



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